Prima Vista Estates

Proud to be part of...

Landmark Geodetic provided this client in assistance with:

  • Land subdivisions
  • Road Stakeout
  • Lot Stakeouts
  • Registration of Utlities (powerlines, waterlines and water meters)

Landmark Geodetic is proud to be part of this beautiful project and pleased to be able to meet the client’s satifications.

Beautiful views...

Prima Vista Estate N.V. can boast to be offering a prime location with a breathtaking view in in the area of Upper Princess Quarter in a gated community that does not know its equal yet on the island.

Prima Vista NV is a St. Maarten-based real estate company that offers affordable luxury villa's. Prima Vista lots and housing will balance safety, cutting edge features, and a positive atmosphere for all residents. The sales of these villas are provided with unmatched levels of customer service and attention.

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